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Dr. Brittany Barreto is a highly-acclaimed serial entrepreneur who has raised millions in capital. Her thought-leadership is most effective in teaching startups, entrepreneurs, and scientists how to start and scale their business.

Dr. Barreto’s expertise is especially dedicated to supporting innovators in the women’s health space, and empowering marginalized business owners with the insights needed to overcome the unique challenges that come to these groups.

Audience members that hear Dr. Barreto speak will walk away with confidence and a strategy on how to lay the foundation for their business, raise capital, and appeal to investors. Book Brittany today to speak at your next event.

Femtech & The Market


The Herstory of Femtech Companies
A List of Successful Femtech Exits
The List of Rising Femtech Stars
Get to Know These Booming Femtech Companies
The Feast and Famine Markets in Femtech
Funding: Who’s Getting It, Who’s Got It
Get to Know These Femtech Investors
What it Takes for Femtech to Thrive


The Feast and Famine Markets in Femtech
What Does the Future of Femtech Need to Survive
We Don’t Need More Organic Tampons, We Need Internal Awareness
Investors are Missing Out, and They Don’t Even Know It
More Women-Centric Research, Please


Cashflow in a Taboo Industry

I Can’t Find the CPT Codes for this Disorder

A Bad Romance: Femtech and the FDA

Marketing Obstacles for Femtech Companies

Where is the research for my idea?

How to get Male Investors Excited About Your Proposal


Things that solely (menopause), disproportionately (headaches), or differently (heart attacks) affect women’s health and wellness The Gender Gap in Health
Women centered design  The Future is Female-Centered Design
All femtech is healthtech but not all healthtech is femtech. Why our industry needed its own name. Femtech Needs Its Own Industry

Femtech and Funding


-Elizabeth Holmes was funded by non-scientists, always have a scientist or doctor participate in due diligence There’s No Success Without a Scientist
-MDs opinions on if they device or drugs already exists, how it may or may not function well in the current healthcare system, and the plausibility of it working Should You Get a Second Opinion?: How an MDs opinion may affect your research
-Don’t be fulled by nice slides, get a doctor and scientist’s opinion  Fact: You Need a Scientist’s Opinion
-Founders – don’t wait till year two to get an MD advisor Why Every Founder Needs an MD Advisor
-Conferences – get a PhD or MD to sit on committees that chose who is showcased or gets to pitch at your events  Save a Seat for a PhD on Your Conference Committee


Elevator pitch  Creating a Powerful Elevator Pitch
Pitch deck fundamentals Pitch Deck Fundamentals
How to give a strong pitch that maintains investors attention The Perfect Pitch to Keep Investor Attention
Fundraising strategy Building Your Fundraising Strategy
Obtaining a lead investor How to Find a Lead Investor
Common fundraising terms and contracts Your Must-Know Fundraising Terms
What to expect during fundraising  Here’s What Startup Investors Expect At Every Fundraising  Stage

A Guide to Femtech for Investors


The untapped $50B industry you never heard of  The $50 Billion Question – What is Femtech?
Previous returns to investors on femtech exits Returns on Femtech Exits
Why femtech is set up for success How Femtech is Positioned to Triumph
Impact and conscious investing opportunity Impactful Investment Opportunities
Majority of femtech founders are female and data shows they bring investors more returns Why Female Founders Bring Investors A Higher Return
Believe the founder when they say they have no competition When a Founder Says They Have No Competition, Believe Them

A history of femtech companies, including successful Femtech exits to date, and what the industry needs to be successful. A review of ]rising stars in femtech, and booming new femtech companies, who they are, where they are, and what they’re working on.  I will also cover what areas in femtech are saturated and what still needs innovating. 

Selling & fundraising in a ‘taboo’ industry, and the lack of medical billing codes for female disorders that reflect this reality. Stringent FDA requirements for femtech innovation, and marketing blocks for femtech companies to be aware of. Avoid pitfalls like a lack of research to support your idea, and getting male investors passionate about a femtech deal.