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DNA is life, the rest is translation.

Be generous with advice and frugal with criticism.

Shift paradigm and inspire others to question them.

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Meet Dr. Barreto

Disrupting the romance industry by championing human connection Dr. Brittany Barreto has a vision to open doors and hearts through science as the co-founder and CEO of ​Pheramor, a DNA-based dating app, and WeHaveChemistry, a web-based platform for couples to discover their love alchemy.​

A decade before the genetic testing market was accepted by the mass market, Brittany was an undergraduate student at Drew University. It was during her college career that she first thought of the idea of sequencing attraction genes to help singles find true love, and couples to enhance their existing relationship an idea she shared with a professor who shrugged it off and didn’t encourage her to follow her vision for a company that is valued at $6M today.

The first to go to college in her family, Dr. Barreto has been championing her own vision since she was a little girl. A breadth of possibilities were made available to her young mind by her own discipline to seek out books and a mind-blowing 8th grade class in cellular biology. Her passion for learning is how she survived a tumultuous childhood and what feeds her unequivocal leadership values today, as well as, her passion for mentoring other entrepreneurs, especially those born to bad circumstances.

Her tenacity for the idea that would become Pheramor and WeHaveChemistry didn’t dissipate as she continued to study Molecular Science she groomed the idea and pitched it as often as she could. A natural speaker and outgoing advocate for science, Dr. Barreto’s presentation at Bioventures caught the attention of Dr. Bin Huang, Chief Technology Officer at Pheramor. Together, they have build the darling of the dating app world, known for the most 2nd dates.

Pheramor is more than a dating app, it is science based matchmaking which under Dr. Barreto’s leadership has diversified the business by partnering with others in the dating industry, and soon will use their DNA based matchmaking abilities to help recruiters find the ideal candidate match.  

Confident in Pheramor’s ability for growth from B2C to B2B, Dr. Barreto successfully raised over $1M in her first round, launching in 2017 alongside Dr. Huang, and the accolades for both co-founders and the app itself quickly gained momentum as Dr. Barreto gained the illustrious 40 under 40 acknowledgment by the Business Journals, HYPE Impact winner, VCIC’s Startup of the Year, InnoStar’s Best in Show, and Startup Grind’s Top 2 Startup of the year globally.

Dr. Barreto is a frequently requested speaker and has spoken at the Velocity Entrepreneurship Conference at UC Berkeley, Rice University’s Life Science Entrepreneurship Course, SharpHeels Houston Panel on raising capital, Founder First Fridays at Qualia Inc, The Common Quest podcast, HQ TV, Emerging Leaders panel for Open Houston, and for Enventure.

As a conscious leader Brittany makes time to mentor founders of new startups and hosts entrepreneur dinner parties at her apartment in Houston, where she resides with her rescue dogs, Trypsin and Quark.

Download Dr. Barreto’s bio here. 

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Dr. Brittany Barreto

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  • iDate, London + Miami
  • Velocity Conference, UC Berkeley
  • Rice University
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  • HYPE Impact Awards
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