Everyday I dedicate my work to advancing women’s health by equipping founders, investing in innovative ideas, and engaging academia and government agencies to create an ecosystem that fosters better healthcare for women, females, and girls.

Brittany Barreto, Ph.D. is the Co-Founder, Executive Director, and Podcast Host of Femtech Focus as well as the Co-Founder and General Partner of Coyote Ventures. 

While finishing her PhD in genetics at Baylor College of Medicine, Brittany became the CEO and Co-Founder of the revolutionary dating app Pheramor. The ambitious venture was the first nationwide DNA-based dating app to hit the market, reaching an eager audience that resulted in 50% growth, month over month. Brittany was also successful in fundraising $1.3 million for her startup. 

Three short years later Brittany would also become the co-founder of her second startup WeHaveChemistry – a web-based product for couples to discover their love alchemy. 

Ultimately she exited the two companies and Dr. Barreto embarked on a new path as the Senior Venture Associate at Capital Factory, a notable innovation player in Texas. Under her leadership, the Houston accelerator portfolio grew by an impressive 205%. It was also during this time that Brittany realized that Houston needed more former-founder mentors like herself to help usher in the next generation of Femtech startups.

That realization is what led to Brittany becoming the proud co-founder and Executive Director of Femtech Focus, a non-profit entity that empowers the femtech industry through increased awareness, providing resources to founders, and creating opportunities to support startups. Brittany is also host to the Femtech Focus Podcast which offers meaningfully provocative conversations that brings experts on air to discuss the issues that matter most to those in the Femtech space. 

Dr. Brittany Barreto’s expansive work and career has been featured in numerous publications such as the Houston Business Journal, The Greater Houston Partnership, and InnovationMap. She is frequently requested to consult with startups, and deliver keynotes on her topics of expertise such as: creating a pitch deck, fundraising strategy, research efficiency, and training staff. To see more of Brittany’s keynote presentation topics click here


Look from a global lens. 

Collaborate for the greater good.

Educate, instead of defy or debilitate. 

Consistently make decisions rooted in experience. 

Never sacrifice social impact for a revenue stream. 

Use the scientific method to make business decisions.

Tell the stories that grow every gender’s consciousness 

Care about women’s health and wellness.

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